CNG for Fleet Vehicles

Service Fleet fuel costs are a primary reason why many more small to mid-sized companies are planning on switching to CNG. At least, that’s what they’re telling us! The “Big Three” Auto/Truck Manufacturers are offering Dual and Bi-Fuel Vehicles this year, but where will these Dual/Bi-Fuel Clients get their CNG? Their own Coltri Compressor, of course! Read More

CNG Ice Resurfacer

One of the first end-user market segments to make the “easier” switch from Propane to CNG, the Coltri MCH Line of “real” compressors is rapidly replacing the older, less adequate Vehicle Refueling Appliance Technology throughout SW Ontario. This is confirmable via CNG/HI-TECH’s installs at London Western Fair, Woodstock Community Complex, a recent order from the Zorra Township’s Thamesford Arena, and a growing list of new quotation requests arriving daily! Read More

CNG Forklifts

Fork Truck Fleet conversions and compressor installs are growing rapidly with many mid-sized to larger Manufacturing & Logistics Services companies making the move to CNG, or giving serious thought to switching. There are so many Health & Safety benefits to transitioning internal use vehicles to CNG, especially in an Agricultural, Food Manufacturing or Warehousing /Logistics Distribution environment. Read More

CNG Compressor


  • Maximum Compressor Efficiency (Reliable Siemens Components; Reduced Downtime & Servicing)
  • Reduced Operating Costs (Less Electrical Draw, Minimal Refueling Time, Much Less Fuel Cost)
  • Cleaner /Safer Atmosphere (Emissions Reduction—drastically improves air quality)
  • Safer Operators (No Operator Certification Required, No physical handling of propane cylinders)
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint (No Diesel Trucks Delivering propane cylinders)
  • Extended Equipment Lifespan (Cleaner/Greener Burn extends the life of converted vehicles)
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