Brad Vodden

After 30 years in business, Brad Vodden remains the go-to person in SW Ontario regarding Alternative Fuel Technology associated with the Automotive & Other Transportation Device Industries. Brad has been in the automotive maintenance & repair industry since 1982, and has simultaneously enjoyed a stellar career in the clean energy industry since 1985, advancing innovations in Propane & Natural Gas vehicle conversions for Service Fleets, Fork Trucks, and Ice Resurfacers. Brad has also been a leading-edge innovator in creating fuel injection systems and various other technology solutions directed at making it easier and more cost-effective to convert vehicles to run on alternative fuels.

Some Milestones and Accomplishments:

  • Graduate of the Fanshawe College Automotive Power Technician Course 1981 with Top Honours. Awarded “Apprentice of the Year“ for his graduating Class (The Bill Davis Award of Excellence).
  • Started Hi Tech Auto Care in 1982 and shortly after became one of only two vehicle conversion shops in SW Ontario working with CNG Fuel Systems out of Toronto.
  • Evolved the business in 1985 to include Vehicle Refueling Appliance (VRA) Installations and expanded the number and frequency of Vehicle Conversions.
  • Incorporated Hi-Tech Fuel Systems in 1985 and became a contractor for Union Gas until Deregulation. Union Gas walked away from the Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Market; however, Hi-Tech continued to service and add to Union Gas’ NGV Client Base.
  • Brad developed his own Software in 1998 called "AFICS" to replace "old technology" and to improve what was then available to the conversion industry. The software essentially extended the life of Fuel Injectors.
  • Hi-Tech manufactured the AFICS System in-house until 2002. General Motors showed much interest in AFICS as a viable new technology, until the Controls Division of GM was mothballed and its work contracted out.

Brad holds the following professional licences:

  • Automotive Power Technology; Automotive Coach And Truck
  • Gas Technician II; TSSA Licensed & Certified; RSI (Repair Service and Install Compressors)
  • ICE Certified for Natural Gas and Propane
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