Why CNG?

Compressed Natural GasCNG has a proven track record of reliability and economy in Fleet vehicles, Fork Lifts, Ice Resurfacers and many other applications. If you use internal combustion engines, you can save money and headaches with CNG.

It's Cleaner
Compressed Natural Gas is the cleanest burning alternative fuel available.

It's Greener
Vehicles running on CNG emit 30% less greenhouse gases than regular or diesel fuel!

It's Safer
Lighter-than-air Compressed Natural Gas is non-toxic and disperses quickly. It has a higher ignition temperature than gasoline, diesel fuel, and even propane, which reduces the chances of accidental ignition!

And it's Abundant
North America (particularly Canada) has at least a 120 Year Supply of Natural Gas!


Canada Post CNG Infrastucture

TVDSB CNG Infrastructure

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