CNG Canada Inc.’s Coltri Compressor Systems are superior in many ways to other available market options for CNG refuelling units. Our Coltri Compressors are state-of-the-art system solutions designed for maximum efficiency and lower-cost servicing. Even better, where we really excel beyond other providers is in our knowledgeable and highly-skilled technicians, worry-free installations, and quick, reliable service.

How Do We Compare?

  • One Quarter of service fees charged by other CNG providers (75% less $)
  • One Quarter the Fill Time of other providers (2 hours verses 8 hours)
  • We use only Siemens components which provide longer-range reliability, superior resistance to power failures and no downtime from brown outs
MCH5 CNG Compressor MCH10 CNG Compressor
MCH14 CNG Compressor MCH24 CNG Compressor
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