Fleet Vehicles

What do you get when you combine a High Speed, Commercial Grade, High Efficiency  CNG REFUELING COMPRESSOR with a FLEET SERVICE TRUCK?

Coltri CNG Compressors + CNG for Fleet Vehicles = A VALUE-ADDED

  • Maximum Efficiency (Reliable , Easily-Sourced Siemens Components; Reduced Downtime & Servicing)
  • Reduced Operating Costs (Less Electrical Draw, Minimal Refueling Time, Much Less Fuel Cost)
  • Cleaner /Safer Atmosphere (Emissions Reduction—drastically improves air quality)
  • Safer Operators (No Operator Certification Required; No Need to Stand & Hold at The Pump)
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint (Much Less Use of Regular Fuel in Dual & Bi-Fuel Service Vehicles)
  • Extended Equipment Lifespan (Cleaner/Greener Burn extends the life of converted vehicles)
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