John Wilkinson

  • John Wilkinson is a career Performance Improvement Professional, which has included fulltime involvements as a Coach, Educator, Sales & Marketing Specialist, Director of Corporate Training, and Performance Consultant. Where he really excels is improving the performance of individuals, groups and operations processes to create custom performance improvement programs leading to cost-savings initiatives. He assists companies to discover “Found Money” from within their operations and supply chain relationships. Helping businesses and organizations to transition away from traditional fuel sources to alternative energy solutions has been a perfect and timely fit for John’s skills and experience.
  • Part of the appeal of working with clients to achieve Alternative Energy Solutions is that every aspect of the business is measureable. It is a business based on Integrity, which is the foundation for all of John’s personal and business relationships.
  • John’s career transition to the world of Alternative Energy and Sales of CNG Compressors and Vehicle Conversions has therefore been seamless, productive and rewarding. He was an early-adopter of alternative fuel technology applications and has owned and driven multiple Natural Gas Powered vehicles for 20 years. John is enjoying the “natural fit” his role as President of CNG Canada Inc. is providing. John looks forward to every business day, every client contact, and is always rewarded by the successful implementation of a cost-effective energy solution.
  • John Wilkinson holds Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education degrees from The University of Western Ontario, and a Masters in Education Administration from The University of Ottawa.
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