Hi-Tech Fuel Systems

Supply and Installation

As CNG Canada’s Technical & Service Partner, Hi-Tech Fuel Systems Inc. sets the standard for all who have expressed an interest in working with CNG Canada to install and calibrate Coltri Compressors, convert the vehicles the compressors serve, and to provide after sale technical and customer service.

CNG Canada Inc. is proudly growing its network of installation and service partners. In Ontario, CNG Canada relies on relationships with other proven and reliable technicians such as ATW Automotive in Chatham-Kent, Change Energy Inc. in Mississauga, Ultimate Combustion Technologies in Ottawa, as well as National Energy Equipment Inc., which supplies the conversion kits and other after-market components.

In Quebec, CNG Canada and Hi-Tech Fuel Systems are affiliated with Systeme de Gaz Naturale Comprime GNC Inc. These companies work with CNG Canada and Hi-Tech Fuel Systems to deliver the best in CNG technology, VRA and Compressor installations and servicing.

Where we really excel beyond other providers is in our knowledgeable and highly-skilled technicians, worry-free installations, and quick, reliable service.


Technical Services Partner, Hi-Tech Fuel Systems, conducts monthly compressor inspections as per the TSSA standards, ensuring the safe and economical performance of every CNG Canada Compressor system installation.

How Do We Compare?

  • One Quarter of service fees charged by other CNG providers (75% less $)
  • A Fraction of the required Fill Time of other providers (as little as 1.5 hours verses 8 +hours)
  • We use only locally available and easily interchangeable Siemens Components which provide longer-range reliability, superior resistance to power failures and no downtime from brown outs
  • All CNG Canada Coltri Compressors come with a 3,000 Hour Manufacturers Parts Warranty
  • By organizing our client service and preventative maintenance scheduling, we can usually avoid charging our clients mileage fees for inspections and service calls.
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